About Us

FORZA JUT INC. as our company "RAW MATERIAL SUPPLIER OF MACHINE MADE CARPET MANUFACTURERS" and supply the raw materials used by the producers of machine made carpets. Established in 2011, our company continues to improve its position in the sector every day. Our company, which regards quality and trust as the main activity of the trade, has a result-oriented team, strong financial structure and supply with 10 years experience in the domestic and foreign sector working with the pioneer producers, to meet with the right product, the right price and offer to your esteemed customers used in the production of machine carpet; Jute yarns in different thicknesses, regenerated cotton yarn used instead of jute yarn for high quality carpets as weft yarn produced from regenerated cotton raw materials, textile yarn with polyester and cotton-polyester mixture in different type and thickness, polyester pile yarns main products subject to import operations our groups.

In relation to these product groups, we are working as an authorized distributor with foreign and domestic suppliers who have proven their reputation in the sector. Contractual connections are made in line with incoming requests, and in order to respond to the urgent needs of our customers, the relevant product groups - permanently - are maintained permanently in our depot in Gaziantep. Our product groups subject to export are; Machine made carpet, ready made garments, non woven fabrics, textile yarns used in weaving and knitting.